How do I create a new ASIN?

If you want to create new product pages and ASIN's for all of your products please read this first:

I just want to bulk create new ASINs for all my products.

We are working diligently on new product creation through KickSync. It's high on our roadmap.

For now, follow these instructions:

1. Open the item on Kicksync

2. Go to this link:

3. Search for and create your new product on Amazon

4. On the Offer tab, copy the SKU from KickSync for the item.

5. After completing the new product go back to KickSync and sync to the newly created ASIN


1. If you do not copy in the SKU from KickSync you will be creating two offers: (1) The original offer created on Amazon to populate the new ASIN, and (2) the product created when you Sync to it. If this happens you will go to your Amazon inventory page, find the product who's SKU does not start with "KS" and change its inventory quantity to Zero. Do not select "Delete product." That will delete the ASIN you just created. 




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