My ASIN search is not returning any ASIN suggestions?

An ASIN is required for posting any item to Amazon's catalog.  Too many keywords in the title can mess with the ASIN search. Amazon is critical about keeping their titles specific to Make and Model, not keywords.

You will typically want to crop the title down in search to make the search window work better.
for example

Canon Rebel XSI DSLR Camera with Case. XLNT Condition.
cropping to 
Canon Rebel XSI
Will give a better result. 

1971 BUICK GSX "Blue Variant" 1:64 Johnny Lightning Muscle Cars USA
crop to 
1971 BUICK GSX "Blue Variant" 1:64

Here is tutorial article on our site with all the details about syncing:

And here's a quick video link where you can watch and item be synced:

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