What if I want to convert and item to an auction on eBay?

KickSync can only sync Buy It Now items because a buyer can purchase the item at any time on Amazon. If it had auction bids at the time it was purchased on Amazon that would create a problem.

To convert an eBay item to an auction, you must remove the item from KickSync:

1. Go to eBay and convert to auction any items you want 
2. In KickSync serach for the item and click "Remove".
3. Be sure not to click "Unsync". That would pull it from Amazon but leave it with quantity to be relisted. 
To convert a bunch of items at once:
1. Start with everything available to relist being relisted, so your relist queue is at zero. 
2. Go to eBay and convert to auction any items you want 
3. Wait about 10 minutes to make certain Kicksync has picked up all the ending items
4. On your inventory tab, go to Synced, Click on the top of the eBay column to sort offline items to the top.
5. Click "Remove" on each item you ended (converted to auction). If you relisted first then everything here should be just the items you converted. 
6. Be sure to "Remove" not "Unsync". Unsync will just pull it off Amazon but it will still be in your relist queue. 
*Better handling for converting to is on our feature roadmap. 
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